The Ford F-150 has been a favorite amongst truckers for decades. Americas love affair with pickup trucks has only grown stronger over the years, and brands have noticed this, too. No longer are trucks just working-class vehicles devoid of the latest technology. Laden with technology that is only found in the higher-priced cars these days, the F-150 can measure up to any semi-luxury vehicle one can think of.

Snazzy interiors with a host of amenities like USB ports and a new big generator makes the F-150 on par with...continue reading

All You Need to Know About Fords Leasing Options

If you are considering trading in your old Ford vehicle for a new one, it is a great time to do so. You should take full advantage of Fords leasing options. If you choose to lease instead of buy, you will get major benefits. Here is a look at some important information you should know before signing up.

Things To Know About Fords Leasing Program and Options

1. Choosing a vehicle: You must decide what you want a car, SUV, or truck. This decision is based on the need, lifestyle,...continue reading

The Ford name has come to be associated with quality, and this holds true even for the 2021 Ford Mustang. Launched in 1964, the 2021 Ford Mustang is a muscle car that is worth the money. Over the years, the Ford Mustang has seen many rivals enter the market and exit. When the Mustang first exceeded Fords sales projections, Chevrolet wanted to get in on the action. The Chevrolet Camaro was launched in 1966 as a result and has served as good competition for the Mustang. But there are still several features of the...continue reading

With the rising costs of new cars, people are finding it more convenient to buy a certified used car. Not only does this help them reduce their monthly payments, but it also ensures that they get to enjoy a warranty on their used car. The simple truth is that there has been a 4% rise in the sales of certified used cars in the US. In other words, over eight and a half thousand used cars are sold every day in the USA.

More Peace of Mind

When you buy a certified used car, you enjoy more peace of mind knowing that the car...continue reading

Tires are the only vehicle components that come into direct contact with the roads. A good set of tires gives outstanding grip, excellent vehicle control, maximum safety, and a great riding experience. As with any other vehicle component, tires too, come with a limited lifeline.

You can add life to your tires though with good vehicle maintenance practices such as regular tire rotation. Tire rotation involves tire swapping and relocating, which prevents early tire wear and extends tire life. Each tire is moved to...continue reading