The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid has hit the market with all guns blazing, and weve fallen victim to its exquisite range of features. Below, we detail why.


The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid comes jam-packed with tons of convenient standard features. It provides a smooth-riding and thoroughly enjoyable driving experience. Smart infotainment system makes sure no never get bored on your long drives.

The vehicle has been tested for its safety and reports good grades. A spacious and quiet cabin seals the deal for the 2020...continue reading

Ford Motor Company was first established in the year 1903 by founder and leader Henry Ford, along with 11 other associate investors. However, Henry Ford was not happy with this ownership, as it did not give him the freedom he had hoped for.


In the year 1919, the company underwent reincorporation and the complete ownership was transferred to Henry Ford, his wife Clara, and son Edsel. The Ford Foundation, which was a large stockholder, and the Ford family were the only owners of the company until January 1956.

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The winter season can be harsh on not just you but also your car, and making sure your vehicle is in top condition and protected during the winter is crucial to maintain it and ensure continued service. Here...continue reading

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The Ford Expedition is one of the leaders in the SUV category, be it in terms of adaptability, performance, or sophistication.

Exteriors and Trim Levels

The 2020 Ford Expedition comes in 4 trim levels: XLT, Limited,...continue reading

Here’s All You Need to Know About 2020 Transit Connect

Heres All You Need to Know About 2020 Transit Connect

The 2020 Ford Transit Connect is expected to hit the market soon. Ford has made only a few changes to the car compared to its older 2019 sibling. The carmaker introduces it...continue reading