Our team of technicians at Capital Ford Wilmington is committed to improving your experience with our care and quality workmanship. (From basic maintenance to deeper repairs.)

Capital Ford Wilmington is the go-to for drivers needing service and maintenance on their Ford vehicle. Does this include brakes for your 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 or new tires for your F-150 Raptor? Yes! oil changes, transmission repair, and more in North Carolina. You’ll love our experienced staff, delivering top-notch quality at highly competitive prices.

Customize your company's Ford Transit Connect with all-weather floor mats, or new wiper blades. What about a bike rack for the 2020 Model Year Ford Ranger? Our full-sized comprehensive parts and accessories departments will find the perfect fit for your vehicle and active lifestyle. Stop by Capital Ford Wilmington, your favorite local Ford dealer, for complete details.