Ford Ranger’s Smart Seatbelt Technology


Ford Ranger’s Smart Seatbelt Technology

Almost all automobile manufacturers today incorporate safety and driver assistance technologies into their cars. Safety is paramount, considering the high number of vehicles and drivers on the road each day. Although driver assistance technologies may be very advanced, passengers will have to look out for their own safety at all times. Wearing your seatbelt is always a wise choice to make, no matter how safe the driver is. The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger has released an intelligent Smart Seatbelt technology designed to make sure that the driver and all passengers are safe when seated in the vehicle.

What is Smart Seatbelt technology?
The Smart Seatbelt technology in the 2019 Ford Ranger aims to motivate people to buckle up when they are seated inside the vehicle. The technology will firstly alert the driver and passengers to put on their seatbelts when they are seated in the vehicle. While on the road, if any passenger has unbuckled their seatbelt, the driver is alerted of the same. The monitor will then display which seat’s belt has been unbuckled. The driver can then remind the passenger to put on their seatbelt. The Ford Ranger goes one step above other models by alerting the driver not just when the car is started, but during the entirety of the drive. The technology detects both front and rear seats and points out the exact positions where the seatbelts are unbuckled.

How does it work?
The 2019 Ford Ranger uses a smart driver assistance technology to ensure the safety of all passengers. It is equipped with sensors that are scattered all around the cabin of the vehicle. The very same sensors will detect when any seatbelt is unbuckled and will remind the driver of the same. The sensors are active whenever the car is in motion as well as while parked with the engine on.

It is crucial to advocate for wearing a seatbelt, especially if there are children involved. Kids may playfully unbuckle the seatbelt and forget to put it on again. To prevent this, the Smart Seatbelt technology ensures that the driver is always aware of seatbelts that aren't fastened. Children can also be taught about the importance of wearing them.

Source: Ford