History of the Ford Bronco

 History of the Ford Bronco

History of the Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a model line of SUVs that were manufactured from 1965 to 1996 by Ford. It was developed as a competitor to compact SUVs such as the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout.

The first Bronco was designed by Donald Frey and Lee Iacocca as an off-road vehicle that could compete with the Jeep CJ. The original Bronco came in three different body styles. You could get it as a station wagon, a half-cab, or even a roadster.

The three-door wagon was immediately well-received and gained overwhelming fame than the other two body styles. The roadster looked fun but was impractical, and the design was removed from the market in 1968 as a result.

The half-cab was innovative in its time and yet wasn’t received well by the market. It looked like a baby pickup. So in 1972, the half-cab body style was taken out of the market. The three-door body style came with four-wheel-drive that was designed to take on any terrain. Despite being late to the industry, it became a serious competitor to Jeep. The first Bronco was devoid of many features that were considered comfort features at the time. However, it radiated a spartan look that appealed to the masses.

There were plenty of exciting accessories that could be purchased for the first Bronco, such as a snowplow, a winch, and a posthole digger. This added to the Bronco’s image of a do-it-all, go-anywhere sort of vehicle. The Bronco was a hit and reached its all-time high in 1974. Unsurprisingly, Ford sold nearly 26000 Broncos in 1974. Here is a timeline of the various releases of each generation:

• Ford released the second generation Bronco in 1978
• In 1980, they launched the third generation
• The fourth generation of the Bronco was revealed by Ford in 1987
• The fifth and final generation of the Bronco was released in 1992
The Bronco evolved through each generation until its demise in 1996. This was attributed to people wanting four-door SUVs, which forced Ford to produce the Expedition.

Ford is gearing up to release the sixth generation of the Bronco. Its return means exciting times are ahead for car enthusiasts.

Source: Ford