Symptoms of Worn Breaks to be Aware of

 2020 Ford Explorer

Symptoms of Worn Breaks to be Aware of

Besides being a considerable out-of-pocket expense, worn brakes can hamper safety causing injury or worse still, fatalities. So if your vehicle starts making sounds that are out of the ordinary or emits weird smells, it’s time to have the source of the problem investigated before things spiral out of control. Here are a few crucial symptoms of worn breaks to be aware of the next time you get behind the wheel.

Unsteady Steering – Brake rotors are nothing but discs inside the wheel, which come into contact with the brake pads whenever you brake thus slowing down the vehicle. Rotors should be of an even thickness but with constant usage, they are bound to develop small variations and/or rust. When the brakes are applied if you feel any vibrations or wobbliness in the steering it could be indicative of an uneven rotor, which will need attending to straight away.

Leaks – The master cylinder, which contains the brake fluid, is responsible for powering the brakes. Thanks to the hydraulic pressure created by the fluid, it forces the brake pads to make contact with the rotors. However, in the case of a leak, there isn't sufficient liquid to provide pressure to the brake pads. So if your brake pedal isn’t as responsive as you think it should be, it could indicate that brake fluid is leaking from the main system.

Brake Light – Your vehicle's dashboard has a brake indicator light that will notify you when something's wrong. So if you notice a red or yellow warning light indicating a problem with the brake system, your car needs to be inspected as soon as possible.

Squeaky Sounds – As brake pads age, they build up a lot of dust. In time, this accumulation causes the brake pads to emit a noise whenever they are applied.

Burning Smells – An overheated clutch or brakes give off a pungent, burning-like smell. If this happens, you need to bring your vehicle to a stop and check your parking brake to ensure it isn’t active. Failing to do so will not give the brakes time to cool down, which might cause the brake fluid to overheat and might eventually lead to brake failure.

If you feel there is something wrong, you must call your nearest dealership like Capital Ford of Wilmington and have the problem inspected right away.

Source: Ford