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Ford F150 Performance


The Ford F150, being one of the most popular trucks in the US, has impressive features and configurations that give it an equally impressive performance. Perhaps, its greatest, most applauded features include its excellent engine selection across all trim levels, innovative yet user-friendly high-tech features, and remarkable towing and hauling capabilities, making it among the most compelling vehicles in its segment.


The 2019 Ford F150 is available in a wide variety of engines including a 3-liter diesel with 440 pound-feet of torque, which often comes with a ten-speed automatic transmission. The twin-turbo V6, which is its strongest engine, is strong enough to tow a whopping 13,200 pounds. On the other hand, if you do not wish to opt for the Trailer Tow package, your vehicle can still tow up to an impressive 7000 pounds with either the V8 or the V6 engines. The King Ranch model of the vehicle has a 375-horsepower V6 engine, which provides an unmatched performance even among its competitors from other brands in the same segment. The V6 engine, despite being understandably not as fast as the V8, still puts on an impressive performance.


The V6 is pretty responsive and is packed with a lot of thrusts. Even the 2.7-liter variant will be more than enough for many drivers. Coming to the brakes, they are quite easy to control and modulate, and come with a firm pedal, making it easy even for inexperienced drivers. Even while towing a trailer, the brakes feel extremely reassuring, which is a great feature to have for a full-size pick-up truck.


Even though the Ford F150 does not offer the most comfortable air suspension, it still performs as well as any of the other brands in its segment. While the ride is smooth and composed on fairly even surfaces, it can get a bit jittery, especially in the rear area, when driving on harsher surfaces. For a pick-up truck, the Ford F150 is relatively easy to handle as it has impressive body control. Wheel inputs are responsive with little to no delay every single time.


Test drive the Ford F150 in Wilmington today itself and find out why it is such a popular truck.