5 Tips for Driving on the Beach

During the course of your driving experience, you will come across many types of terrain. Out of all them, a sandy surface is perhaps the hardest to navigate. There are many coastal areas between Florida and California. This enables people to drive their Ford trucks straight onto the beach. However, driving on the highway is different than driving on a beach.

Here are a few helpful tips for driving safely on the beach:

1. Use 4-Wheel Drive

With the power of a four-wheel drive in your corner, Ford SUVs in Wilmington can easily maneuver through soft sand. It enables you to drive over any type of surface.

2. Pack Lightly

Before heading to the beach, try to keep your load light. Transport only a few things along with you. Although you can take any of the Ford models to the beach, having less weight in the car means your vehicle won’t sink into the sand. It gives you better clearance as well.

3. Reduce Tire Pressure

Once you arrive at the beach, do let some air out of your tires. With reduced tire pressure, you get more traction, making maneuvering on the sand a lot easier. A pressure level between 15 to 20 PSI in every tire is ideal. Don’t forget to reinflate before you hit the road.

4. Stay Near the Water

Stay near the water because that’s the high tide line. Here the sand is packed the hardest. Ford trucks in Wilmington can easily drive across this type of terrain.

5. Avoid Hard Braking

Do obey the speed limit while driving on the beach, just as you would if you were on the road. However, there likely won’t be a sign with the speed limit posted. The general rule of thumb is to keep your speed under 25 miles. By driving at a low speed, you will minimize your chances of getting trapped in the sand.

With these five safe driving tips, you can easily take your vehicle onto the beach.

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Source: Ford