Five Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

All vehicle owners, at some point in time, will notice strange noises coming from their engine. While some may be harmless and can be fixed easily, several others require you to take note and pay immediate attention. Here we discuss five engine noises that demand quick focus.

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If your car engine makes a knocking or pinging noise, which gets worse when you speed up, the engine parts deep inside have more likely worn out. It could also be an ignition problem caused due to a damaged spark plug or an old air filter.


Squealing noise occurs especially when you apply the brakes, which could be embarrassing when you are in the midst of heavy traffic. More often, the reason for this noise is the buildup of dirt on the brake rotors, drums, pads or shoes. However, you need to get it checked immediately because the noise also sometimes occurs because of improperly mounted brake calipers or worn brake pads.

At our dealership, we have technicians that can precisely diagnose the underlying problem in your vehicle. Get your engine checked and let us do the needful.


A hissing noise indicates an overheated engine or leaked vacuum. Without delay, take your car to the nearest car specialist service center and get it fixed. An overheated engine is a safety issue and cannot be ignored.

Grinding Transmission

While manual transmissions grind when you operate the shift and clutch, you may experience jerks with automatic transmissions. Both require immediate attention.


A popping noise indicates a serious underlying problem. While this noise can originate from the muffler holes, it can also be due to the leaks in the fuel injector.

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Source: Ford