Five Most Asked Vehicle Warranty Questions

Vehicle warranties can be quite complex and for maximum financial protection, we recommend car buyers to conduct independent research on warranties before choosing one. Over the years, car buyers have asked numerous questions pertaining to vehicle warranties and in this blog, we’re going to focus on five of the most asked vehicle warranty questions.

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1. What Are The Contract Terms?

Obviously, the warranty contract has all the information regarding the various terms and conditions. However, most people ignore reading lengthy contracts. The contract may state several terms and conditions such as limits on time and mileage. If you’re not careful, you may ultimately have to encounter a situation where a warranty claim is denied because you crossed the mileage limit.

2. What Are The Costs Involved?

Different extended warranty plans are priced differently as well. While the cheapest plans may sound financially attractive, it’s best to steer clear of them as they may not include numerous important features. A feature-rich warranty plan may cost you more money, but if an emergency ever arises, it’ll give you the coverage you need.

3. Which Companies Back the Extended Warranty Plans?

Different extended warranty plans are backed by different companies and how the companies respond to a potential warranty claim is depended on their respective track records. To know how reliable a certain extended warranty plan is, find out the company that backs it and then look up the company on the Better Business Bureau. Only consider the plans that are backed by companies that are rated highly on the Better Business Bureau.

4. How are Repair Costs Handled?

Some extended warranty plans require car owners to shell out money for necessary repairs; money that is later reimbursed. In such a situation, car owners should be aware of how long it typically takes to process the reimbursement.

5. How are Claims Handled?

The company backing a particular extended warranty plan may differ in its approach towards handling warranty claims from other companies. Find out how different companies handle warranty claims. While some companies remain accessible throughout the day, others are accessible only during business hours, and this can make a huge difference if you want claims handled efficiently during emergencies.

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Source: Ford