Ford Financing Options

Most consumers buy vehicles with a loan from a bank or credit union. Auto manufacturers like Ford offer loans through their dealerships. These loans come with attractive interest rates and are popular with buyers. If you plan to buy a Ford car, truck, or SUV, you should compare the terms and conditions of Ford financing with other options. The deals you are offered depend on many factors like the vehicle you choose and your credit rating.

Accessing loans via Ford programs

If you want to apply for Ford financing on a new vehicle, you will have to go to an authorized dealership. You can find information online with initial research, but the paperwork can be completed only at the dealer. You have the choice of buying a new or used vehicle with Ford financing. Ford offers the following options. To find out more on terms, conditions, and exclusions, talk to their finance experts.

  • Standard Purchase: With this option, buyers can get loans for a new or used or CPO vehicle. There is no limit on the miles that one can drive under this plan. Buyers can get loans ranging from 12-84 months. Buyers can choose a payment schedule based on their ability to pay and eventually build equity in the vehicle. Customizing a vehicle is also possible.
  • Flex Buy: It is an exclusive program in which buyers get low payments for the first 36 months. This is not possible with a standard purchase option. Flex Buy lets buyers choose payment periods ranging between 66 and 75 months. After 36 months, higher payments must be made so that the balance can be paid off on the mentioned schedule. The benefits are the same as in the standard option – no limit on mileage and vehicle customization.
  • Red Carpet Leasing: This option makes it easy for buyers to choose from a variety of mileage options and when they can end their lease. There are eight mileage options to choose from and low payments make it easy for customers to drive new vehicles when they want.
  • Ford Options: This is exclusive to the Mustang Mach-E. Flexible financing makes it easy for buyers to pay for their vehicle over 48 months. The final payment is a large one and buyers have the choice to keep the vehicle or return it and get a new Ford.

Benefits of working with available Ford financing options

The biggest benefit to a customer is convenience. Ford financing makes it easy to get a loan. If you want to find out how much you will pay, you can use the calculator tool to find out affordability. Getting pre-approved for a loan makes it easier to get the vehicle of your choice. The Ford website also offers a checklist with additional information on estimating maintenance costs and how you can schedule vehicle servicing. If you want to know which program is valid in your state, speak with the financial experts at Capital Ford of Wilmington in Wilmington, NC. We serve the communities of Wrightsville Beach, Jacksonville, and Topsail Beach. Schedule a test drive and get your dream car or SUV at Capital Ford of Wilmington.

Source: Ford