Ford’s Leasing Options

All You Need to Know About Ford's Leasing Options

If you are considering trading in your old Ford vehicle for a new one, it is a great time to do so. You should take full advantage of Ford’s leasing options. If you choose to lease instead of buy, you will get major benefits. Here is a look at some important information you should know before signing up.

Things To Know About Ford’s Leasing Program and Options

1. Choosing a vehicle: You must decide what you want – a car, SUV, or truck. This decision is based on the need, lifestyle, and performance you want. An online search for 'Ford dealership near me' will help you get an idea of the newest vehicle models and their specs. Find out details about pricing, standard features, and the pricing for add-ons. You can also test drive a few vehicles before picking the right one.

2. Deciding on leasing options: Ford’s leasing programs offer great deals to consumers. And leasing is much cheaper than financing. If you want to sign up for a car lease in Wilmington, NC, the local dealership can give you the details. You can lease a car for two or three years. By leasing, you pay only a part of the vehicle value based on the duration (two years or three years) and additional charges. Lease options are made available based on the mileage you expect to drive during the term. You also have the option of getting the features you want. The best part of leasing is that you have a choice of getting a new lease or buying the vehicle outright. Check the terms and conditions so that the decision becomes easier.

How Does a Ford Lease Work?

If you are new to the concept of Ford’s leasing program, here are some details.

A lease is an agreement to use a vehicle of your choice for a set period. You pick the vehicle you want and drive off. You take the vehicle back to the dealership when the lease expires. At this point, you can decide whether you want to buy or continue leasing. Signing a car lease in Wilmington, NC is straightforward and it is up to you as a consumer whether you want to buy or lease a new vehicle. Make sure that you read the agreement and get clarifications, so you know what you are signing up for.

  • Your lease agreement lists your name and address along with the Ford dealership’s address (the one you lease the vehicle from). Verify this before signing.
  • Make sure that the VIN number is correct. Make sure that you specify vehicle use, whether it is personal or business use.
  • The lease will list out details on how much your initial payment will be, then the monthly payments, interest and other charges.
  • Your first payment has to be made when the vehicle is delivered to you. Make sure that you get a detailed explanation of the charges and fees that you have to pay. This should include information for the duration as well as at the end, when the lease term is over.

If this sounds like an interesting and viable option, look for the closest Ford dealership in your area and get the vehicle you have always wanted. If you're located in Wilmington, NC, visit Capital Ford of Wilmington to know more about car leases. This dealership is just a short drive away for residents of Wrightsville Beach, Jacksonville, and Topsail Beach.

Source: Ford