Simple Tips For Protecting Your Vehicle in the Winter

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The winter season can be harsh on not just you but also your car, and making sure your vehicle is in top condition and protected during the winter is crucial to maintain it and ensure continued service. Here are some tips that can help you protect your vehicle from the cold winter season.

Protecting the car's exteriors is crucial. Make sure to clean frozen windshields, windows, locked doors, and wipers. Proper windshield washer fluid levels need to be ensured for this. Get a reliable defroster and climate control system that can tackle foggy/icy windows while keeping you warm.

A vinegar-water solution sprayed on surfaces can prevent the freezing of windows and the windshield. The alcohol content of hand sanitizers and cooking sprays can also unfreeze door locks and stuck doors. Checking that all rubber items are in good condition and replacing them if needed will prevent accidents.

A polymer wax coat acts as a buffer for road salt, snow, grime, and sleet. Add high-pressure car washes in the plan to wash down debris in difficult-to-reach areas, like the spokes, wheel wells, and the underbody. Lighting is crucial, especially during winter, so make sure your lights are bright and remove any snow that's dimming the lamps. If the lights need to be replaced, get it done before venturing out onto the road. Opt for winter tires, especially in regions where the temperature drops to below 45 degrees, as winter tires provide better traction control on snowy, icy roads. Checking the pressure in your tires is also crucial as tire pressure tends to drop at the rate of 1 pound per square inch for every 10-degree fall in temperature. Accurate tire pressure prevents wear and tear and can protect you and your car from accidents.

Replace weak batteries and test them to ensure they're in top condition. Also, check the vehicle coolant levels as this will prevent engine freezing. Make sure your fuel tank is at least filled to the half-point so that water doesn't freeze in your fuel pump. Keeping a survival kit handy will also ensure you're safe and that you're in a position to protect your car with the right tools in place in the event of a mishap.

Source: Ford