Why Servicing Your Car at a Dealership Is Important - Ford Quick Lane Is Here for You!

If you don't service your car as soon as you notice a potential problem, it could cost you more in overall car maintenance in the long run. 

Why should you get your car serviced?

The three main reasons why regularly getting your car serviced is necessary include: 

  • Safe driving: If you are experiencing any issues with your brakes or if the air pressure in your tires needs to be stabilized - then these are issues that could lead to road accidents in unfortunate situations.
  • Inhibit running charges: A car that hasn't been serviced in a long time may incur additional daily running costs when compared to a serviced car. These can include more expenditure on fuel, from coolants in the car, and more. 
  • Maintain car value: The state your car is in when you finally sell it or exchange it will depend on its condition at the time of sale. A regularly serviced car gas a higher re-sell value owing to the fact that it is properly maintained. 

Why should you get your car serviced from a dealership?

Car dealerships provide unique advantages that local garages don't have access to when you come to get your car serviced. These include: 

  • The technicians at a car dealership are specialized technicians who have been trained to service the make and model of your car, many times by the manufacturers themselves. 
  • If your warranty period is still valid, you can make use of free professional car servicing at dealerships. Some dealerships may also offer an extended car warranty, depending on the offers currently available, as well as those specifically available for your car. 
  • Car dealerships have access to not only the latest service training from the original manufacturers but also to original equipment. This means that any replacement parts your car needs will be of professional quality, come from the car's manufacturer themselves, and will reflect in the overall higher maintenance of your car. 

If you opt for the Ford Quick Lane feature, you can drop by at any time and avail high-quality service without a prior appointment!

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