Show Your Ford Some Love This Month

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Show Your Ford Some Love This Month

Think you’re done with the Valentine acts of love? Think again. In the spirit of St. Valentine himself, take the time to spoil your Ford this month. Why not treat your most trusted confidant to the spa day it deserves. We know it will have you feeling equally as refreshed.

Ferocious Winter Conditions can take a toll on everyone’s body. (Swimsuit season? Maybe later!) Your vehicle is no exception. There’s no better time to make amends with your vehicle for the incurred roughness. Here’s what you can do to whip your most important love back into shape!

Comfortable cabin. Start your spring cleaning off with the interior of your vehicle. A thorough wipe down of all surfaces is a great way to jump into the process. Built up dirt often gets overlooked because of the frequency in which we enter and exit our cars. Take the time to get into every crevice and don’t forget to bust out those cleansing wipes. Mild is best, especially when focusing on leather and upholstery.

Check under your seats for any corrosion that may have occurred from salt and grit. Vacuuming the floors will prevent movement of these pesky particles and reduce further damage. Leave the windshield for last to avoid the frustration that is accidentally bumping your perfect shine. Avoid circular motions and stick with the traditional up and down movements. A proven glass cleaner and patience will be your best friends.

That handsome exterior. We all know the exterior of your car is what gets you those envious glances. The preference is yours on hand washing in the driveway or a run through the car wash. Whatever the choice, use dedicated auto wash products and skip the “hacks”. It may be cheaper or easier, but those kitchen concocted cleaners can cost you big if they fail.

For proactive type, wash your car, repair chips in the paint and wax the body on a regular basis during the winter months. Take it one step further and rotate in higher-grade products or an upgraded car wash to show extra love.

Land down under. Checking out the underbody of your car should be a top priority when detailing after a long winter. If left untouched, accumulated salt promotes rust, can damage mechanics and ruin finishes. Washing the undercarriage of your vehicle is a will help keep the damage to a minimum. The right products and tools will ensure your success and cars safety. If you’re questioning your own abilities, it’s best to schedule a visit with the professionals.

The whole shabang. Winter blues have us all a little less motivated. Whether that cold front had you skipping an oil change or your car sitting idle in the driveway, it's not too late. Get ahead of your car, and your wallet, by taking it in for a full-service check. Oil and filter changes, tire rotation, and fluid top-offs will have you ready for those warm weather road trips. Don’t chance your car’s health by ignoring potential problems. Your vehicle’s performance will increase and so will your carefree drive time!

Whether you rock a Ford Fusion, Ford F-150 or Ford Mustang, we want to help you to maintain that top of the line vehicle. Schedule your service check today at Capital Ford Wilmington in Wilmington, NC.

In the market for a new Ford? We'd love to take you for a Test Drive today! Keep an eye out for more information and tips that can help you make the most of your Ford!