What is Tire Rotation and What Are the Benefits?

Tires are the only vehicle components that come into direct contact with the roads. A good set of tires gives outstanding grip, excellent vehicle control, maximum safety, and a great riding experience. As with any other vehicle component, tires too, come with a limited lifeline.

You can add life to your tires though with good vehicle maintenance practices such as regular tire rotation. Tire rotation involves tire swapping and relocating, which prevents early tire wear and extends tire life. Each tire is moved to another location depending on tire patterns and vehicle type.

Still need reasons for regular tire rotation? Below are some invaluable benefits of tire rotation, which can help you make a sound decision about your vehicle’s tire maintenance.

Benefits of Tire Rotation

  • Prevents Faster Wearing of Front Axle Tires – Wearing is quicker on the front axle tires than it is on the rear. This is because the tire pair on the front tolerates about 60% of the vehicle’s weight. The front tires are also involved in high-intensity tasks such as braking, steering, and accelerating.

The rear axle tires bear the brunt of comparatively a lesser number of tasks, which include braking and traction.

Tire rotation helps spread the wear and tear, which would otherwise be concentrated on the front tires alone.

As tires are rotated regularly, the wear is spread uniformly among them. As a result, wearing is even and slower, too.

  • Reveals Hidden Tire Issues – Tire rotation, when performed by a qualified technician, can reveal potential tire issues. A technician measures the tread depth and pressure of all four tires during a rotation. The technician also performs a visual inspection to identify hidden issues. Tire issues, if any, are easy to correct when identified early.

Tire rotation increases your vehicle safety by revealing potential tire issues.

  • Saves Costs – Regular tire rotation prevents early tire damage and wear, which saves costs of tire replacement. The cost of a new set of tires can easily run into thousands of dollars, which is an expensive spend. Preventative tire maintenance through tire rotation offers the best alternative.

Tire rotation also adds to cost savings by revealing potential tire problems, which when left unnoticed, can cause expensive repairs.

In Conclusion

Regular tire rotation is an inexpensive maintenance task that can save you substantial money in the long run.  Tire rotation is recommended for every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

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Source: Pexels