Presenting the 2018 Ford Fiesta S

2018 Ford Fiesta S in Wilmington

The Ford Fiesta S at Capital Ford Wilmington in Wilmington is fun and fuel-efficient

The 2018 Ford Fiesta S is fun, fuel-efficient and fantastically priced at Capital Ford Wilmington. The new Ford Fiesta in Wilmington can be yours today for the jaw droppingly low price of only $11,990 MSRP. Perfect for the upcoming Holidays. So treat your loved one or yourself this holiday season with the new Ford Fiesta in Wilmington and let the celebration begin behind the wheel!

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes a 2018 Ford Fiesta an amazing vehicle to be driving around NC this season. With 27/35 MPG the new Ford Fiesta in Wilmington is the Ford fuel-efficient sedan here at Capital Ford Wilmington ready for test drive from you and your entire family. We mention the whole group because the new Ford Fiesta S can fit up to 5 people so you can say goodbye to the days of carpooling or you can get ready for a cavernous amount of new room to fit your bike, moving boxes, or whatever life has to throw way and into the ( ) of cargo space. Continuing on with the basic necessities of any vehicle, style and aesthetic is a central part of discovering and exploring your perfect Fiesta in Wilmington. The 2018 Ford Fiesta S has a wide array of exterior color designs with a grand total of 10! The designs range from bold Hot Pepper Red to electrifying Lightning Blue just to name a few of the exterior designs. But, wait that’s not all! In addition, the 2018 Ford Fiesta S has 5 interior cloth design options that are sure to have you giddy with excitement with all of the options right at your fingertips. From ample storage room you can get creative with to a plethora of exterior and interior design choices the new Ford Fiesta in Wilmington is a vehicle you can truly make your own.

Along with customizing the exterior and interior experience of your new Ford Fiesta in NC you also have the authority at Capital Ford Wilmington to customize your security and entertainment experience so you can have the peace of mind your drive will always be secure in protection and secure in grooviness on the open roads in NC. One of the great security features in the 2018 Ford Fiesta is the standard rear view camera that allows a visual image to appear when the driver shifts into reverse. The image that appears also contains two color-coded lines that indicate where your vehicle is in relation to the other objects around you, whether pedestrian or vehicle the rear view camera literally acts as a second pair of eyes in the back of your head! Security is paramount but entertainment is also key to bolster your driving experience in NC. The new Ford Fiesta in Wilmington boasts two available entertainment packages such as Ford+Alexa, coupled with Ford and Waze, solidifying the 2018 Ford Fiesta S as a vehicle that has brains and beauty no matter how you look at it!

Love what you hear about the 2018 Ford Fiesta S at Capital Ford Wilmington? Come on over to our beautiful showroom at 4222 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC, 28403 for a test drive today!