3 Reasons to get your next service at a Dealership Vehicle Service in Wilmington, NC

 Quick Lane

Why you should get your next Vehicle Service at a Car Dealership

Did you know that you can get your car serviced at a dealership even if you didn’t buy your car there? Most people don’t realize that car dealerships offer service to all makes and models no matter where you purchased your vehicle. Is your car older? No problem! Got a Toyota and want to come to our Ford dealership? Not an issue. There are many reasons that it is a good idea to get your next service at a dealership.

Genuine Parts- Dealerships have access to the best quality factory made parts making dealerships a great place to get your car serviced. Anything your car needs our technicians at Capital Ford Wilmington can get a part made perfectly to work with your vehicle.

Knowledgeable Staff - Why wouldn’t you want your car serviced by technicians who are literally around cars every single day. When you get your car serviced at a dealership you are working with trained professionals who see brand new and used vehicles every day. When people trade in their car to Capital Ford Wilmington our trained technicians always take a look and do any work necessary for that car. Meaning our technicians are seeing all different makes and models on a daily basis and doing anything necessary to make that car run as new. The staff is undoubtedly a reason to get your next service at a dealership in Wilmington.

More opportunity - In general service centers at dealerships are open more hours, have more staff, and have more weekend appointments, making it easier to get an appointment with your local dealership.

At Capital Ford Wilmington in Wilmington, NC we are confident that our Quick Lane center is the best place in Wilmington for your next vehicle service. Whether you need a quick oil change, tire rotation, state inspection we have got you covered! If you are looking for auto service in Wilmington, NC then the Quick Lane tire and auto center at Capital Ford Wilmington is exactly what you are looking for. Our Factory trained technicians at Capital Ford of Wilmington's Quick Lane will take care of your vehicle service needs with no appointment necessary.