A Guide to Ford’s CPO Program

With the rising costs of new cars, people are finding it more convenient to buy a certified used car. Not only does this help them reduce their monthly payments, but it also ensures that they get to enjoy a warranty on their used car. The simple truth is that there has been a 4% rise in the sales of certified used cars in the US. In other words, over eight and a half thousand used cars are sold every day in the USA.

More Peace of Mind

When you buy a certified used car, you enjoy more peace of mind knowing that the car you are buying is not riddled with problems. Ford, like many other car manufacturers, is offering a CPO program. For a car to get the Ford certification, it must not be more than six years old. It should also not have traveled for more than 80,000 miles. Ford only certifies used cars that are leased models that were auctioned prior to the completion of their term.

Backed by a Warranty

A Ford-certified pre-owned vehicle is backed by a warranty. This could either be for 12 months and/or for 12,000 miles (ca. 19,312 km) from the day it was purchased under the Ford CPO program. The powertrain is also backed by a 7-year warranty and 100,000 miles from the time when the car was new.

Differences in Warranties

However, this CPO program warranty is not the same as a new-car warranty. If there is a problem with your certified pre-owned Ford vehicle, you will have to shell out a hundred-dollar deductible to have the vehicle repaired under the FORD CPO program. However, to sweeten the deal, Ford does add a few support services, which are very akin to the services you get with a new car.

Transferable Program

That is not all, because the Ford CPO program is transferable to anyone that buys your certified pre-owned Ford vehicle. This is a nice feature because other car manufacturers do not offer a similar feature with their certified used cars.

The CPO Program from Ford provides low-interest rate financing. These rates are lower than those of other low-cost used vehicles. This makes up for the high price tag of a certified pre-owned vehicle.

However, before buying a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle from a Ford dealership, you should make sure that all the paperwork is in order. Make sure that the vehicle has passed all the certification requirements of Ford Motor Company. Fortunately, certified used cars from Ford must undergo a very strict inspection. This helps to ensure that the frame, body, brakes, and tires are all roadworthy. Cars that have met with an accident will not be eligible for Ford certification.

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Source: Ford